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Usadba Morozova

Usadba Morozova, Club House

Usadba. Morozova 31 is a premium residential complex that incorporates the best experience of our previous projects. The complex is conveniently situated in the heart of the city. It offers unique architecture, large secluded area, spacious and convenient parking spaces and exclusive concierge service 24/7. Find out more at www.morozova26.ru

Nasledie Residential Complex
2nd stage

Address: 271 Mira Street, Stavropol Nasledie project meets all the requirements of modern housing. Advantageous location in the city center, convenient access from central streets, underground parking, concierge, well developed area — all these and many other benefits are offered to you by the Nasledie Residential Complex. The project is complete!


Yasnaya Polyana Complex

With this project we realised our boldest dream of integrating a country house with all its benefits into the urban setting. The luxury of living in a quite area and enjoying the atmosphere of comfort is a unique privilege of the residents of Yasnaya Polyana Complex. The project is complete!

Nasledie Residential Complex
1st stage

Address: 244/2 Lenina Street, Stavropol Our first and, undoubtedely, the most successful project that has redefined the residential property standards in Stavropol. Advantageous location in the city center and well developed infrastructure are undeniable advantages of Nasledie Residential Complex. The project is complete!

Nasledie Residential Complex
3rd stage

Address: 277 Mira Street, Stavropol Completed Nasledie project, consisting of three construction stages, is the embodiment of a unified architecture, quality and comfortable living. The project is complete!

Usadba. Morozova 31

248 Mira Street

Nine-storey residential tower in the city centre. Secluded private grounds, individual heating, panoramic views, only three apartments on each floor, parking. Find out more at www.uds26.ru